The Will H. Ogilvie Memorial  (Fund) Committee was formed in 1991 and ran as a small informal group dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the poet and promoting his works.  They raised funds to erect a memorial cairn in 1993 and seat in 2009 on the hill road to Roberton.  They reproduced his book “Border Poems,” produced a new book “The Hill Road to Roberton” and produced a copy of his hand written manuscript “Bits of Fun.”
The small committee worked tirelessly for twenty-three years and in 2014  gained charitable status and the name was changed to the Will H. Ogilvie Memorial Trust, still with the same members but now called trustees.
To advance education and the arts, culture and heritage of the Scottish Borders for general public benefit by:
☆ Promoting the works of the Borders poet WILLIAM HENRY OGILVIE 1869-1963;
☆ Maintaining the Will H. Ogilvie Memorial Cairn and Seat and any subsequent memorials;
☆ Ensuring the safe – keeping of any artefacts connected to the poet in the care of the Trust.
Summary of the main activities in relation to these aims:
We will promote the works of the Borders poet Will H. Ogilvie who published twenty books in his lifetime  (16 of verse, 2 prose, 1 ballad and 1 humorous) in which he celebrates the Border landscape, it’s heritage and history as well as his time in Australia.  We will keep these works alive by bringing them to the attention of present and future generations.


The Committee –

Ian W. Landles    –    Chairman
A. Philip Murray    –    Vice Chairman
P. Ann Holt    –    Secretary/Treasurer
William S. Young    –    Trustee
Charles Robertson    –    Trustee
Norman Fraser    –    Trustee
Katherine P. Scouler    –    Trustee